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To grow a business and stay successful,  great customer service and communication is very important. AJ Management takes pride in making each client a priority with being responsive and attentive to their needs. AJ Management shares knowledge and expertise with clients to help to make informed decisions when it comes to spending money on  public relations, marketing and events. Each of these three elements should be part of a business strategic communications plan.

Jacobs has made impact for many of her clients because she puts herself in your shoes. Her first-hand experience can help you.

How is AJ Management different from other companies doing similar work?

  • Jacobs is an Emmy Award winning producer with years of experience working both for the media and in the media…. so she understand what it takes to get coverage.
  • Jacobs worked for non-profits as both staff and a volunteer …so she understand the challenges of working with tight budgets and limited resources and detailed event planning.

So before you spend  money, consider integrated public relations (PR), marketing and event planning. Let AJ Management be your driving force. Call or email for a free hour consultation.


  • Press Releases & Kits
  • Event Planning
  • Media Training
  • Product Launch Parties

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